Amazon AWS – Launching EC2 Cloud Instance – Part 11

This article will walk through to create the first AWS instance and launch it. We will also see that how to access the AWS instance from internet.  Configure the virtual firewall to protect the instance from different external attacks by restricting the number of allowed ports. You could also protect the instance against the accidental termination. By adding more tags to the instances, you could easily determine the cost and  department.

Let’s start the demonstration.

1. Login to the amazon AWS console.

2. From the AWS services , please click on EC2.

EC2 Amazon AWS
EC2 Amazon AWS


3. You could check the EC2 service status on your zone.

AWS - Service Health
AWS – Service Health


4. Click on “Launch instance” tab .

Launch Instance - AWS
Launch Instance – AWS


5. Select the any one of the Free Tier eligible image.  (If you don’t want to be charged.)

Select Free Tier eligible instance - Amazon Linux
Select Free Tier eligible instance – Amazon Linux


6. Choose an AWS EC2 instance type.

Choose AWS Instance Type
Choose AWS Instance Type


7. Configure instance details like network and other optional settings.

Configure Instance Details - AWS
Configure Instance Details – AWS


8.This section is required if you need to add additional storage.

Add Storage - AWS Instance
Add Storage – AWS Instance


9. Add the required tags.

Add Tags to the AWS Instance
Add Tags to the AWS Instance


10. Configure the security groups. Since its first instance,  I haven;t configure the additional security. It’s open to the internet on port 22.

Configure Security Group - AWS instance
Configure Security Group – AWS instance


11. Review and launch the AWS EC2 instance.

Review Instance Launch - AWS
Review Instance Launch – AWS


12. Create a new key pair and download it.

Create a new key pair and Launch instance
Create a new key pair and Launch instance


13. On the successful launch of the instance , you could see like below.

Launch Status - AWS EC2
Launch Status – AWS EC2


14. If you click that instance id , you can see the instance status.

AWS instance status
AWS instance status


15. In the instance description  section , you could see that public IP and DNS for the instance.

AWS EC2 Details
AWS EC2 Details


Using the Public  IP, You should be able to connect the instance from internet. In the next article, we will see that how to connect to the instance using the private key from windows laptop.


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