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How to Install OPEN-E DSS V7 ? Data Storage Software

Open-E DSS V7  is an enterprise  data storage management operating system. It provides a ISCSI, NAS,SAN and InfiniBand functionalities .Free version of OPEN-E (lite) supports SAN and NAS functionalities. Compare to openfilerOpen-E is a very good alternative software for data storage management. It’s a very reliable, with substantially better performance on heavy workloads.Here we are going to see how to install OPEN-E DSS V7 operating system.I don’t have physical machine to show the installation but with help of vmware workstation I am able to present it to you. 

1.Download the OPEN-E DSS V7 ISO image from OPEN-E website.

2.Burn the ISO image in to CD/DVD and boot the physical machine from that.

3.Run the software installer by pressing enter.

4.You can see the below window while loading the installer.

5.In the next screen,just accept the license and continue.

6.Select the drive to install the OPEN-E DSS V7 

7.Installation will hardly take 5 minutes  .Once the installation is done ,just reboot the machine.

8.After reboot ,you will get a below screens.

9. Since OPEN-E took a default IP address, You may wish to change the IP address of the system to communicate with public network.Seek help option for that by pressing F1.

10.Modify the IP address by pressing control+Alt+N key combination.Once you have done, you can access the web session from external browser.

11.OPEN-E will not allow you to login without keys.If you don’t have the product key ,choose trail version get a free keys from OPEN-E .After entering the keys, you will get the below screen.

12.Default password is “admin”.Enter the password and continue.You will be navigate it to “Initial Setup Wizard”.

13.Just click on next to complete the initial wizard .In the end, you will be asked to enter the server name .

14.Click to finish the wizard.

15.You will be navigate to the below screen.What’s next? Provision a new LUNS to operating system which required ISCSI shared storage..

That’s all about the OPEN-E DSS V7 installation and initial setup .

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