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How to recover VMware ESXi root password ?

We should not lose the superuser account on any operating system especially on VMware ESXi.There may be a chance of loosing root password due to system administrator careless or defective keyboard. If you forgot root password of ESXi host ,then there is no way to recover it .VMware does not provide utility or methods to recover the original root password of …

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Heartbleed vulnerability on VMware ESXI 5.5 and Vcenter 5.5

Openssl is an opensource software which  is widely used for implementing the transport layer security like SSL and TSL. Openssl provides a  cryptographic functions and lot of other functions. Almost two years ago ,there is new function injected to openssl version  1.0.1 which is called heartbeat. What the heartbeat  protocol does on openssl ? Heartbeat keep the secure connection alive for …

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