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VMware VCSA 6.5 – Reset / Recover SSO Password

Reset Recover VMware vCSA 6.5 SSO password

This article will provide a step by step procedure to reset / recover VMware vCenter SSO password. VMware vCenter server is core component of VMware vSphere. “Single Sign-On”  is the main component of Platform Service Controller and responsible to provide a token to the users to access the solutions which are connected to the vCenter server. SSO acts like an authentication …

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VMware vSphere with Operations Management – Licensing / Pricing

VMware vSphere Version Upgrade Path

VMware vSphere is an industry-leading virtualization platform which is used 80% of datacenter around the world. VMware’s virtualization has made X86 server revolution and maximizes hardware savings through higher capacity utilization and consolidation ratios. This article will walk through about VMware Licensing, prizing and version upgrade entitlements.       VMware Claims, VMware vSphere has many virtual components and it’s very difficult …

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Para virtualization vs Full virtualization vs Hardware assisted Virtualization

Types of virtualization

Virtualization is nothing but abstracting operating system, application, storage or network away from the true underlying hardware or software. It creates the illusion of physical hardware to achieve the goal of operating system isolation. In last decade, data centers were occupied by a large number of physical servers, network switches, storage devices. It consumed a lot of power and manpower to maintain …

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CLOUD WAR – Openstack vs VMware vSphere vs Amazon AWS

Cloud War or Data-center war ? There is a healthy competition out in the market to reduce the overall operating cost on IT.  Companies are benefited with the cloud revolution, Virtualization and automation. Most of the organisations are moving towards asset free to reduce their additional investments on IT equipment. But all the organizations can’t just follow the same strategy since …

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