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Oracle VM for X86 Tutorial

UnixArena offers free tutorial on Oracle VM for X86 . Oracle VM is an Oracle’s enterprise  virtualization  technology for SPARC and X86 hardwares. Oracle VM for SPARC is supported only through Oracle’s T-series servers which is built on SPARC processor(RISC Architecture & only Solaris Guest supported).Oracle VM for X86 is an X86 based hypervisor which is similar to VMware’s vSphere …

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Oracle VM for x86 vs VMware vSphere

Now a days Linux based hypervisors are ruling the datacenters around the world . VMware vSphere and Oracle VM for x86 are two major players in this hypervisor market today. So i would like to compare these products to make the system architect clear about how each prodcut can compete each other. This article is  based my experience and  not to …

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