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Solaris 10 – Not booting in New Boot Environment ? Liveupgrade

Solaris 10 Live upgrade issues and fixes

I have been dealing with Solaris 10  Live upgrade issues from almost five years but still the new LU patches are not able to fix the common issues like updating the menu.lst file and setting the default boot environment. If the system is configured with ZFS root filesystem, then you have to follow the Live upgrade method for OS patching. Live …

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Solaris – How to Scan FC LUNS and SCSI Disks ?

Application’s and Database’s storage requirement on the servers will be keep on increase day by day. According to that, Unix admin need to increase filesystem space on Unix servers periodically. Assigning big SAN space to filesystem also not possible since storage cost involved on that. So it’s a routine work for Unix admin and need to follow best practice for …

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Difference between Crash dumps and Core dumps – Solaris

Core files are just a process dump (image from physical memory) when the process terminates abnormally. These files are very important to find the root cause of process(application/DB) failure.  Normally , application/DB  need to send these core files to application vendor to fix this issue. Otherwise system administrator’s job will become hectic to perform the core file clean up all the time to …

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How to plumb new IP in the zone on fly

As we all know that plumbing a new interface and assigning a IP address in Solaris 10 global zone. Have you ever added the new IP address in local zone without rebooting it ? Will it work by adding the IP information in zone’s configuration using zonecfg ? No. If you add a any new configuration in zonecfg, it requires a reboot. But oracle offers …

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