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Configuring VLAN on LDOM – Oracle Solaris

LDOM oracle VM for SPARC - Networking PVID VID

Oracle VM for SPARC also known as LDOM is a hypervisor used to virtualize the Oracle Solaris environment on T & M series Oracle/ Fujitsu Hardware.  This article will walk through to configure the VNIC with specific VLAN number for guest LDOMs. Before getting into the VLAN part, you must understand the virtual networking on LDOM. Oracle VM for SPARC …

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LDOM – Memory / CPU Reallocation on Hard Partitioning

In LDOM , we can’t dynamically remove/add memory resource when the resources are physically bound. This will make hard-time for administrator and application owners where we need to bring down the guest domain every-time when you re-reconfigure memory resources. Normally Oracle Super-cluster servers are pre-configured with Hard Partitioning using the LDOM virtualization.  In typical LDOM method  , CPU threads are allocated …

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LDOM – How to find the physical Memory size ?

In UnixArena,we have talked more about LDOM aka Oracle VM for SPARC.But this article will provide the solution to identify the installed physical memory of the server from control domain. There is no direct command available to find out the total physical memory and un-allocated memory  from control domain.Once you have set the resources limit to control domain, all the …

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Oracle VM SPARC – LDOM configuration Backup and Restore

Oracle VM for SPARC configuration can be backed up in XML file and it can be restored  it whenever required.This configuration backup will be very useful for future rebuilding. It also provides the option to take the backup of particular domain and that can be restored using ldm add-domain command.In this article we will how take the individual domain backup,how …

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How to Configure the I/O Domain on Oracle VM for SPARC ?

If you allow any of the guest domain or control domain to access the any I/O (PCI) cards directly from the hardware ,usually that domain is called I/O domain or root domain.By default, two virtual I/O services that you need to configure on primary domain to provide the I/O to the guest domains.One is virtual disk (vds) for storage and …

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LDOM Oracle VM for SPARC – Tutorial 1

SUN LDOMS aka oracle VM for SPARC is a complete virtual machines that runs an independent operating systems and  contains its own virtual CPU’s,Storage,Memory, Cryptographic and console.Unlike Solaris zones,LDOMS can run its own operating system with different kernel patch levels. You can also install Solaris 8,Solaris 9 ,Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 on LDOMS. LDOM also provides the OBP for each logical …

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