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Openssl Heartbleed bug on Solaris and Linux

Most of the system administrators and developers are re-directed to fix the openssl’s most threatening bug which is named as heartbleed .Two years ago , openssl has added new extension called heartbeat. Heartbeat actually keep the session alive for a bit ,so that communication will not be broken.Where as in typical SSL, connection will be terminated immediately if the connection …

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Heartbleed vulnerability on VMware ESXI 5.5 and Vcenter 5.5

Openssl is an opensource software which  is widely used for implementing the transport layer security like SSL and TSL. Openssl provides a  cryptographic functions and lot of other functions. Almost two years ago ,there is new function injected to openssl version  1.0.1 which is called heartbeat. What the heartbeat  protocol does on openssl ? Heartbeat keep the secure connection alive for …

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