vSphere Network

How to Measure the bandwidth between Linux / Solaris hosts ?

All the new servers are shipping with 10 Gbps built-in network adapters .  At the same time, servers are virtualized and one physical server may hosts many virtual servers. For an example, VMware ESXi hypervisor will be directly installed on physical server and multiple VM’s will be created on top of that. So all the VM’s will share the same 10Gbps network interface. That’s why throughput will not …

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How to add additional physical NIC to existing VMkernel Link ?

We may need to add the additional network interface card to existing VMkernel link to  reduce the network overhead and  balance the network load between two are more physical interfaces. Having more than one physical NIC also adds the network redundancy. I have been in a situation to increase the  dedicated VSAN network performance due to heavy traffic by adding …

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