What’s New – VMware Integrated Openstack 2.0

VIO 2.0 Vmware Openstack

The VMware’s global conference for virtualization and cloud computing “VMworld 2015” is completed  in San Francisco today. In that conference , they have announced the most important  release for “VMware integrated Openstack 2.0 (VIO 2.0)”.  The first VMware integrated  openstack (VIO) released in 2014. Since then VMware aggressively doing more enhancement on the Openstack part. VIO 2.0 has major updates with lot …

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VMware Software Defined DataCenter – SDDC

Server virtualization has changed the traditional way of computing completely. In older days , To get the required operating system instance ,we need to wait atleast for atleast for a month.Why because, the procurement team need to get the quote from the hardware vendors, place the order for new hardwares,deploy it in the datacenter and hire architect to design the …

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