VMturbo 5.5 – Manage All Hypervisors in One Umbrella

VMturbo 5.5 - Manage All Stacks

VMturbo operation manager is not just enterprise monitoring software . It controls the virtualization infrastructure by drilling down to the application level and takes real-time decisions. VMturbo controls all the IT stacks like System hardware, Hypervisor, Virtual Machine , Operating System, OS container and applications. VMturbo 5.5 also supports IBM PowerVM along with VMware vSphere , Redhat’s RHEV , Hyper-V Xen-Server virtualization. …

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VMTurbo 5.0 – Control in the Software Defined Universe

Virualization is very powerful technology but  it comes with greater responsibility as well. If you do not configure or maintain your virtual environment properly, it will affect whole environment. Do you would like to know how ? In most of the cases , SAN storage systems will be shared for all the physical and virtual environments. If you do more …

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How to Deploy VMturbo Operation Manager ?

Virtualization reduced the infrastructure cost by utilizing the hardware more efficiently and  offers lot of other benefits.But Managing the virtual infrastructure is one of the difficult task since thousands of virtual objects are involved. Since the virtual machines are sharing the hardwares, we have to identify the critical virtual machines and needs to configure the service level priorities.Monitoring the hypervisor performance …

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