Solaris Migrations

Converting native zone as Kernel zone – Solaris 11.2

on Oracle Solaris 11.2, as we have already seen that kernel zones are completely isolated from the global zone. Oracle Solaris 11.2 kernel zones supports both backwards and forwards compatibility which means you can also run oracle Solaris 11.3(When it release) on the kernel zone where your global zone can still with oracle Solaris 11.2  In most of the Solaris 11 …

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How to migrate solaris 10 global zone into solaris 11 ? P2V

In upcoming days,definitely you need to migrate the solaris 10 physical servers as a local zone in solaris 11 global zone if you want to continue to use solaris 10 operating system.These kind of situation rasie  due to application incompatibility with high version of operating systems.So you may need to stick with older version of operating system in a order …

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