Solaris-Interview Questions

Solaris Linux Interview Questions – Cluster

As we all know that attending interview is one of the toughest job.Because, you never know the interviewer expectation and his mindset.He/She may be started asking  questions which are related their current working environment and interviewee may not  know the those setups. Companies also adding more competencies to filter the candidates. One of the important skill sets to filter the resources is  “Cluster” …

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Solaris 11 Interview Questions

Always Solaris administrators work will be harder than any other Unix and Linux flavors  administrators.Because Solaris administrator have to learn,third party products like veritas volume manager,veritas cluster and rapidly changing Solaris technologies.For an example Solaris 10 is somewhat different from earlier versions of Solaris since sun have introduced new technologies like ZFS,Zones and different networking commands in Solaris 10. Now oracle re-architectured the  kernel for Solaris 11.So its completely different  from Solaris 10 in package administration,networking and installation methods.This …

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Solaris 10 Interview questions

Here is the basic Solaris interview questions which are commonly asked in Solaris L1 or L2 (Level 1 or L2) interviews.If you don’t have a Solaris setup to work,just install Solaris as guest operating system on VMware workstations and get a hands on experience. You can also go through the below interface questions on specific category . 1.Solaris zones Interview Questions 2. ZFS interview Questions 3.VXVM Interview …

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