TCPDUMP-How to Capture the Network Packets on Redhat Linux?

Troubleshooting network issue is not an easy task in any operating systems.In order to troubleshoot network issues, you need to capture the network packets in OS level and need a help from network team. Earlier we have discussed about snoop utility which is default packet analyzer in Solaris operating system.In Redhat Linux you have utility called “tcpdump” which is freeware and distributed under the BSD license.It runs …

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How to configure bonding/teaming on Redhat Linux 6 ?

All the system admin would like to avoid server outage by having redundancy for root filesystem using mirroring,  Multiple FC links to SAN with help of multi-pathing and many more.So here the question is how do you provide redundancy in network level ? Having a multiple network card will not give any redundancy.In redhat Linux you need to configure bonding to accomplish the network level redundancy.Once you have …

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How to configure DHCP client on Redhat Linux ?

What is DHCP ?Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is server/client protocol where DHCP server provides an  IP address automatically with necessary information  like subnet and gateway to DHCP clients. How to configure DHCP client on Redhat Linux /Cent OS ? What are the files need to be edited to enable DHCP client ?  Here we are going to see how to setup DHCP client where your system is already …

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