How to fix Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerabilities on Redhat Linux?

meltdown-spectre - Redhat

Redhat is closely working with Intel and AMD to mitigate the risk of micro-architectural (hardware) implementation issues which are named as Meltdown and Spectre. These vulnerabilities are mostly affecting many modern microprocessors which include Intel, AMD, IBM power and ARM processors. These issues can be overcome by updating Linux kernel, virtualization-related components, and/or in combination with a microcode update (Firmware). To …

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LINUX – SCSI Device Management – Identifying Devices

Linux SCSI Devices Management

This article is going to share very least used SCSI commands on Linux operating systems. These commands will be very useful to identifying SCSI devices and tuneable parameters. There are few utilities which can be used to get the detailed information about the scsi devices. lsscsi is most command tool which scans sysfs pseudo file system to provide the required …

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How to Take Remote GUI Session of Linux Server ?

Tiger VNC is a high-performance client/server application that allows end users to take remote GUI session (Remote Desktop) of Linux Servers.So that graphical application can be launched remotely using VNC session.It also provides extensions for advanced authentication methods and TLS encryption.Normally tiger VNC is coming along with Redhat Linux distribution DVD and also its available for download from sourceforge.If its not …

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How to Configure Software RAID on Linux ?

Software RAID is one of the greatest feature in Linux to protect the data from disk failure.We have LVM also in Linux to configure mirrored volumes but Software RAID  recovery is much easier in disk failures compare to Linux LVM. I have seen some of the environments are configured with Software RAID and LVM (Volume groups are built using RAID devices).Using simple md commands, we can …

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How to configure bonding/teaming on Redhat Linux 6 ?

All the system admin would like to avoid server outage by having redundancy for root filesystem using mirroring,  Multiple FC links to SAN with help of multi-pathing and many more.So here the question is how do you provide redundancy in network level ? Having a multiple network card will not give any redundancy.In redhat Linux you need to configure bonding to accomplish the network level redundancy.Once you have …

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How to scan new FC LUNS and SCSI disks in Linux ?

How to scan new FC LUNS and  SCSI disks in Redhat Linux without rebooting the server?  Most of the Linux beginners have wondering how to do this and this article will be for them.It may look like very simple as we perform this in daily operation to scan luns but system has many work to do in background when you execute storage scanning commands. Redhat …

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How to install Redhat Linux on vmware workstation ?

Installing Redhat Linux is very simple,But most of the Linux beginners may wondering how to do that. Here i have used vmware workstation to show installation of Redhat Linux .The installation steps will be same if you install it in physical servers as well.If you are not familiar with vmware workstation,you can see how i have created Solaris virtual machine.In this you just need …

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How to create yum repository in Redhat Linux ?

The Yellowdog Updater Modified (YUM) is an rpm package management opensource tool which is available for Redhat Linux  and other Linux flavors.In earlier days, its very difficult to install packages in Linux systems since it will ask for many dependencies.After yum introduction,its become very simple and yum has algorithm to select all the dependencies automatically once you configured the yum repository.After reading this article you will get fair idea about installing yum packages,configuring yum repository  and installing  new packages …

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How to configure DHCP client on Redhat Linux ?

What is DHCP ?Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is server/client protocol where DHCP server provides an  IP address automatically with necessary information  like subnet and gateway to DHCP clients. How to configure DHCP client on Redhat Linux /Cent OS ? What are the files need to be edited to enable DHCP client ?  Here we are going to see how to setup DHCP client where your system is already …

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