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How to Use Distribution Constructor on Solaris 11 ?

Distribution Constructor is a new term which is introduced in Solaris 11 to customize the Solaris 11 bootable ISO images. These bootable Solaris 11 images can be edited according to the environment.For an example, if you do not want to install some of the default packages from ISO which you have downloaded from oracle website,you can remove it and additional software or …

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How to Install the Solaris11 Using AI with Pre-Configured State ?

In the last article, we have seen how to install the AI server and configuring AI server with DHCP.But that doesn’t cover ,the installation of customized client like timezone,hostname ,IP address, DNS and root account password etc..Here we will see how we can install Solaris 11 with Pre-customized profile. This setup will give complete hands-off process of installing and configuring the system.If …

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How to Configure Automated Installer on Solaris 11 ?

In this post we are going to see how to install and configure oracle Solaris Automated installer. What is Automated installer ? The Automated Installer is used to automate the installation of oracle Solaris 11 on X86 and SPARC architecture over the network.The below picture will describe how the AI works. AI is replacement for Jumpstart server which was exists in the previous version …

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