NetApp – Clustered DATA ONTAP – Tutorial

NetApp  Clustered Data ONTAP is one of the emerging technology in the storage market. Cloud technologies demonstrated that how to reduce the IT operation cost by utilizing  commodity hardware. This was the wake call for many of the proprietary hardware vendors in the market to provide the cheapest and reliable solution to the customer.  So NetApp has wake of so early and decided to change the complete storage architecture from 7-Mode to Clustered Mode. NetApp Cluster Mode ONTAP works in distributed storage model and thanks to spinnaker networks for this solution  (Spinnaker networks was acquired by NetApp).

NetApp  Clustered Data ONTAP is designed to meet the current demands and future cloud solutions.

This tutorial’s targeted audience are system administrators and storage administrators  who have prior knowledge on other SAN/NAS products.

1. First article talks about the NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP features.

2.The second article talks about NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP Objects and Components. 

3.This articles explains about NetApp’s FAS series models and features.

4.This article explains about the NetApp’s Read operations in brief manner.

5. Go through this article if you would like to know that how the write operations happens on NetApp CDoT.


You need to follow the below listed articles in serial. Because, If you skip one article, you might not get the required objects to perform the tasks.

6. This article explains that how to configure the two node cluster on NetApp C-Mode operating system – NetApp Clustered ONTAP.


7. This article talks about the License Management on NetApp C-Mode. You need to buy the required NetApp Licenses to enable certain  features.


8.NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP shells Overview.  You must know the difference about the NetApp shell.


9.Configure the NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP – Storage Aggregate.


10.Configure the storage failover between HA pairs nodes.


11.Configure the NetApp Data Vserver and LIF’s.


12. Learn more about the NetApp Volumes (FlexVol , Infinite volume,FlexCache Volume).


13.Configure the export policy for NAS. This article will demonstrates that how to mount the NFS shares on Linux system.

14. NetApp is an Unified storage. This article will explorer more about SAN. It also demonstrates that how to provision the LUN and assign to Linux host.

Hope this tutorial will help you to  start the journey on NetApp Clustered ONTAP.

In  the NetApp Advanced tutorial ,we will see about

  • NetApp Volume Snapshots
  • NetApp Snap-mirror
  • NetApp Clone
  • Performance Troubleshooting

Thanks to NetApp.

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  1. Hi,

    Really this articles are very useful to beginners to understand about net app cluster mode.i am eagerly looking forward to see advanced topics like

    NetApp Volume Snapshots
    NetApp Snap-mirror
    NetApp Clone
    Performance Troubleshooting

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  3. This tutorial is amazing. Even Netapp could not do this job having their tonnes of pdf documents. Not only for beginners but for advanced admins also. gives the direction. Thanks a lot for the effort. I have been strugginling for this info by going through the different pdfs on NOW site.

  4. please share us perfomance troubuleshooting steps and documents of netapp cluster data Ontap 8.2.X or 8.3.x

  5. i have a scenario like move netapp 7-mode snapvault backups to TSM backup server.

    not sure how exactly how we will do the migration netapp 7-mode storage to TSM storage(snap vault Backups).

    Muni Obbu

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