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In UnixArena Tutorial series, Here we are going to see about Linux’s  Logical volume manager which is default volume manage on all of the Linux flavors which are available now a days in market.In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate, operate, LVM on Redhat Linux. This training provides instruction on operational management procedures for LVM and you will learn how to install and configure LVM and how to manage disks,volume groups, and volumes by using the command line.The advantage of using LVM is that space can be added to or removed from logical volumes as needed on demand basis.For your kind information , I am not going to explain LVM  theory in depth on this tutorial. 
1.Skills:Knowledge of LINUX/UNIX system administration.
2.Lab: VM RHEL 6  or physical machine with RHEL 6.0

Logical Volume Manager objects:
There are several Logical Volume Manager objects that must be understood before you can use the LVM  to perform disk management tasks:
Physical objects:
Physical disks – Its a physical disk or LUN from storage.
Disk groups: 
A disk group is a collection of physical disks that share a common configuration.
A volume is a virtual disk device that appears to applications, databases, and file systems like a physical disk partition, but does not have the physical limitations of a physical disk partition.

Overall LVM configuration Layout:

In this tutorial,we are going to cover the below topics.In the end of these tutorials you will very familiar with Logical volume manager and its operation.Your suggestions are always welcome to improve this tutorial.

Topics Description
Installation of LVM using YUM Step by Step Guide of LVM installation
Disk operations on LVM LVM disk operations & Replacing Failed Disk
Volume Group operations on LVM Step by Step Guide for volume group operation
Volume creation and supported volume Layouts Step by Step Guide for Volume Creation
Resizing a Logical volume How to resize the volume? Step by Step Guide
Various LVM volume Attributes Discuss about various LVM attributes
LVM Relayout – Volume conversion How to convert Existing volume layouts
LVM snapshots Step by Step Guide for Volume snapshots

I am very sure you may gone through each and every topic and learned about LVM.

If you have any doubts,Please leave a comment.I will get back to you .

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