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Unixarena is all about sharing the technical articles on infrastructure,troubleshooting methods and various Vmware,Unix,Linux and cloud related articles.To educate IT professionals in VMware ESXi,Oracle VM,Solaris,Linux,volume manager and cluster technologies by providing practical tutorials that solves real life IT problems. To learn and implement the latest IT infrastructure technologies and now concentrating on VMware,Cloud,oracle VM and Openstack.

I am Lingeswaran founder of www.unixarena.com. I am having 8+ years experience in Solaris,Linux,VMware and veritas products.


1.Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional
2.Administration of Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Unix
3.Administration of Veritas Storage Foundation  6.0 for Unix
Advertising on UnixArena.com
For advertisement prize,ads size and ads position ,you can reach me out [email protected] .


  1. Hi Dear,

    You are a true IT expert and a very humble person who is investing his time for others education. It is a not a joke to spent hours on creating these knowledge base docs for others without even asking a cent. I truely admire your skill, expertise and time for people like us…

    Let me know if I can help you in anyway..

    To further add on to your website….I would like to suggest to add tutorials for Linux Hypervisor and Linux Virtualization Manager and also the Linux software deployment SpaceWalk especially on Redhat flavor, i belive these are the only part missing from Linux perspective in your website… I know i am asking or suggesting which takes your more time but after these suggested topics, you website could be a complete website for Linux Education.

    Thank you once again.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. I will add more about Redhat Linux in near future.
    If you would like to share any articles, I can add on behalf you on UnixArena.


  3. Hi Lingeswarn,

    I need a help on installing the Solaris 11 minimal version on solar is sparc machine. From text image we can install only large veriosn of solaris.For a small sever we need AI. I setup the AI server, but My AI server is not working on vlan , some issue on network cards & we are not able to upgrade the firmware of network card. Could you pls help me how can we create the Solaris 11 customized image using destro construct .

  4. Hello,

    I feel this was the best site to learn all the technologies for laterers who are looking on multiple skill sets. I felt doesn’t required for me learn VMware on Google. I found most of the VMware topics here this is the Unix Google Site.
    I request you to add more topics on Openstack cloud.


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