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Dynamically Adding Memory CPU to VM on VMware

VMware vSphere’s hot-add Memory and hot-plug CPU functions allow you to add the CPU and Memory while virtual machine is up and running. It will help you to add the additional  resources whenever required and  no need to bring down the VM for each time.But  you can’t remove the resources once you have added the VM while its  running.This Hot-add …

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How VMware vSphere is saving physical memory ?

There are lot of  discussions is  going on the blogs,social media’s about the vSphere’s VM memory management. So i had just came up with VM’s memory analysis on the last article. But i haven’t explained the  memory saving techniques  on that article. Here we are going to discuss about that. If you look at the vSphere client’s resource allocation tab, …

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How to calculate the vSphere’s VM memory usage ?

To understand, VMware’s memory management required some sort of skills. Because it had bounded  with many technologies like sharing the memory between virtual machines(TPS) , compressing the memory content, Eliminating the duplicate memory content etc…As a Unix/Linux/Windows admin , we can login to guest VM and check the current memory usage at the VM level. But to understand, how the …

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VMware vSphere Interview Questions – Part 1

VMware infrastructure become very large day by day and VMware is keep on integrating new technologies to their newer vSphere releases.   Its becoming quite difficult for VMware  newbies to understand the technology and  product completely.  This article will answer many questions for VMware beginners about the VMware vSphere product offerings and features.I have not explained  the products and features …

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Oracle VM for x86 vs VMware vSphere

Now a days Linux based hypervisors are ruling the datacenters around the world . VMware vSphere and Oracle VM for x86 are two major players in this hypervisor market today. So i would like to compare these products to make the system architect clear about how each prodcut can compete each other. This article is  based my experience and  not to …

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