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How to break GRUB / Recover Root password on VCSA 6.0 ?

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This article will provide the step by step screenshot to recover the VCSA 6.0’s  root password and breaking the GRUB password. VMware vCenter Appliance(VCSA) is a pre-configured Linux VM based on SUSE Linux. If you forget the root password of the appliance, you need to recover the root password like other Linux Operating systems. Recovering root password is very simple …

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How to Map the VMware virtual Disks for Linux VM ?

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Most of the VMware virtual machines are configured with few virtual disks with different size according to  the project requirement. When it comes to the Linux VM , there will be a dedicated disk for the root filesystem and other disks are used for application/data. So whenever there is request for resizing the existing drive , it is very easy to figure-out …

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