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Oracle Solaris Cluster – Configure Standby Oracle Database – Dataguard – Part 2

Oracle Datagarud Standby- Sun Cluster Setup

Here is the step by step procedure to bring the oracle Dataguard standby instance under sun cluster control.Once you have completed the primary node setup , you are good to proceed with standby configuration. In this oracle Dataguard  configuration ,we will be using the standby nodes as DR servers and it must be configured as physical mode. Logical standby mode …

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Oracle Solaris Cluster – Configure Oracle Database with Dataguard- Part 1

Oracle Datagarud - Sun Cluster Setup

This article will provide step by step procedure to manage the oracle Database under Sun-cluster aka Solaris cluster on Oracle Dataguard environment. Oracle Dataguard is widely used product for the disaster recovery solutions.It provides great visibility to database administrator to manage their environment in better manner. Sun-cluster is used only on oracle Solaris operating system and use of this product …

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How to setup oracle Solaris cluster on VMware workstation ?

Getting opportunity to work on cluster environment is very difficult on big companies due to security problem. If you get opportunity also you can’t play much on it  since most of the cluster environments will be critical to the client. To learn any operating system cluster, you have to build it  by your own  and  configuring the resource groups and …

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How to create Resource Group on Solaris cluster ?

This article will help you to create a resource group on Solaris cluster and adding couple of resource to it. Resource group is similar to service group in veritas  cluster which bundles the resources in one logical unit. Once you have configured the Solaris two node cluster and added the quorum devices, you can create a resource group. Once we …

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How to configure Quorum devices on Solaris cluster ?

Once you have configured the Solaris cluster , you have to add the quorum device for additional voting process. Without Quorum devices, cluster will be in installed mode. You can verify the status using “cluster show -t global | grep installmode” command.Each node in a configured cluster has one ( 1 ) quorum vote and cluster require minimum two vote …

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How to configure Solaris two node cluster on Solaris 10 ?

Once you have installed the Solaris cluster on Solaris 10 nodes, you can start configuring  the Solaris cluster according to the requirement . If you are planning for two node cluster, then you need two Solaris 10 hosts with 3 NIC cards and shared storage .You have to provide two dedicated NIC for cluster heartbeat.Also you need to setup up …

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How to install Solaris Cluster 3.3 on Solaris 10 ?

solaris cluster

Here we will see how to install oracle Solaris Cluster  3.3 u2 on Solaris 10 x86 system. I haven’t showed any interest on Solaris cluster but getting many requests to write about it. So i took some time and now i am back with Solaris Cluster series articles which will help you to setup the cluster from scratch.Our goal will …

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