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Live upgrade patch installation before OS patching

If you want to use Liveupgrade feature on oracle Solaris 10, Oracle recommends to patch the Liveupgrade packages to the latest version since lot of bugs with old patch versions. For me Liveupgrade patch (121431-54) gave lot of trouble after booting from alternative boot environment. I have used the patch version 121431-74  which worked like charm.The logs below will show you that how to install new Liveupgrade patch on running …

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How to enable SAR(System Activity Reporter) in Solaris?

SAR:(System Activity Reporter) SAR is a legacy system monitoring  tool which is  used to report  CPU activity, system loads average, memory/paging, LUN load, network activity.We can add SAR in crontab to monitor the server through out the day and this will help you to find the system disk I/O,memory utilization,CPU utilization any given time.Once you have the sar output files, you can use ksar graphical tool to make awesome graph. …

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