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RHEL 7 – Pacemaker – Cluster Resource Agents Overview – Part 5

Pacemaker resource agents

Resource agents plays an important role in cluster management.  Resource agents are multi-threaded processes that provides the logic to manage  the resources. Pacemaker has one agent per resource type. Resource type could be a File-system , IP address , databases, virtual-domain and more. Resource agent is responsible to monitor, start , stop,validate , migrate , promote and demote  the cluster resources whenever required. …

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RHEL 7 – Installing Redhat Cluster Software (Corosync/pacemaker) – Part 3

Redhat Cluster 7 - RHEL 7 - Pacemaker installation

In this article, we will see that how to install Redhat cluster software (Pacemaker) on RHEL 7. If you have valid redhat subscription , you can directly configure redhat repository and install the packages. It also available in the RHEL 7 ISO image as an Add-on Package. Unlike previous redhat cluster releases , Redhat cluster 7 installation looks very simple since redhat has …

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Compare Redhat Cluster Releases – RHEL 7 HA vs RHEL 6 HA – Part 1

Redhat Cluster 7 vs Redhat cluster 6

In this article ,we will see the difference between Redhat cluster 6.x (Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On Release 6) and Redhat Cluster 7.x releases (Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On Release 7). In RHEL7 onwards “pacemaker” is the default cluster resource manager.  Corosync is open source cluster engine which is responsible to manage the cluster interconnect and …

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