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Openstack – Backup cinder volumes using swift storage

cinder root volume Bakcup using swift

This article will demonstrates that how to configure the cinder volumes backup using swift as backend storage. As you all  know that swift is the Object storage  within the openstack project. Swift is highly available , distributed and consistent object storage.  In the previous article ,we have seen that how to make the glance image service to use  swift as backed …

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Openstack – Re-Configure Glance to use swift Storage

Reconfigure Glance Backend storage as swift

This article will demonstrates that how to re-configure the glance image-service to use backend store as swift object storage. By default , Image service will use the local filesystem to store the images when you are uploading it. The default local filesystem store directory is “/var/lib/glance/images/”  on the system where you have configured the glance image service. In UnixArena tutorial , we have configured the …

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Openstack – Neutron – Create Initial Networks – Part 9

Neutron Openstack Network flows

In openstack , We need to create the necessary virtual network infrastructure  for Neutron Networking. This network infrastructure will be used to connect the instances including external network (internet) and tenant network. Before creating the instance , we need to validate the network connectivity. This article will demonstrate that  how to create the required virtual infrastructure , configure the external network …

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Openstack – Installing & Configuring Glance – Part 4

Glance service installation & configuration

This article will guide you to configure the Image service on Openstack. Openstack image service has been development and maintained in the name of Glance. Glance service enables users/customers  to discover , register and retrieve virtual machine images. Virtual machine images can be stored in normal file-systems like ext3 ,ext4 or it can be stored it in object storage systems like swift. …

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Openstack Manual Installation – Part 1

Openstack 4 Node Architecture

This series of the article is going to provide the step by step method to deploy each component of Openstack cloud Computing platform. As you all know that Openstack is an open source cloud computing platform which support all type of cloud environments. This project aims for simple implementation, massive scalability, and a rich set of features. Cloud computing experts from around the …

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Openstack – Beginners Guide

Openstack Beginners guide logo

Openstack is not just only about the internet buzz. It’s going to create new revolution on the IT infrastructure industry. How Openstack can do this since it’s just 5 years old ? Is it similar to VMware virtualization ? Oracle VM ? Redhat Virtualization ?  Citrix Xen ? Not exactly.  Openstack is an opensource project which accepts all the hyper-visors …

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How to create a custom image for Openstack ?

Instance Console

The virtual instance OS image can be created outside the openstack. By default openstack comes with small Linux foot print instance called cirros and we have tested it. But as a customer , I would like to put custom image in openstack  for various requirement. In this article, we will create Ubuntu custom image using the KVM hypervisor. This article …

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Launching the first Openstack Instance

Instance Console

This article will demonstrate that how to launch the first Openstack instance. In the previous articles ,we have setup the openstack software and gone through the openstack dashboard functionalities.  In an order to launch the openstack instances, first we need to create the network security group, rules & key pairs  to access the instances from other network. In the security rule …

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