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Cisco UCS Manager – Master Sheet

Cisco UCS UCS Journey

This article will explain the Cisco UCS B-Series setup from the scratch . As you know that Cisco UCS is highly customizable and I have demonstrated  one of the way of UCS deployment. This may vary for each environment but  Cisco UCS beginners can use this article since it explains from where to start and end. Once you have setup the …

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Cisco UCS – Configuring NTP and Configuration Backup

Local config Backup

NTP  configuration is essential for any operating systems to display the accurate time. Cisco UCS also requires instance-specific time zone setting and an NTP server to ensure the correct time display in Cisco UCS Manager.  Prior to perform the NTP configuration , you must open a incoming port 123/UDP  to Cisco UCS domain. This article will show you how to configure Cisco …

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Cisco UCS – How to download Tech Support Files

Download  Cisco Tech Support files

You can easily download  Tech support files from Cisco UCS manager . This file is required when you have open a case with Cisco for any issue. There are several different types of tech-support files that can be collected depending on which scope of the system needs more investigation.  These support files generally contains the system generated logs , configuration , firmware, …

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Create and associate service profile to UCS Blade


“Create and associate service profile to UCS blade” task is quite lengthy and time consuming work. That’s the reason why we have option for service profile templates . In the last article, we have seen the step by step procedure to create the service profile templates. Once the template is ready , it just matter of few clicks to create the new …

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How to Create Service Profile Template on Cisco UCS ?

Create Service Profile Template  - UCS

Service profile concept has been extracted from virtual machine and applying it for physical servers in UCS. When you configure VM , you need to specify LAN and SAN access, I/O configurations, firmware versions (Hardware version), boot order, network VLAN and physical port. Cisco Unified computing is going to allow the exactly same characteristics of VM for physical servers with the help …

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Cisco UCS – How to Create Boot & BIOS Policies ?

Create BIOS policy

In Cisco UCS B-Series servers , you can configure multiple BIOS polices for same blade. But in the real world , we are not going to use the multiple BIOS policy for same blade.  If you didn’t configure any BIOS policy , Blades will automatically take the default BIOS policy and it boots. If the configuration change is made via a BIOS …

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Cisco UCS – Creating vNIC & vHBA Templates

vHBA template

We need to define that how the vNIC will be get connected to the LAN. UCS manager will not create a VM-FEX port profile with the right settings automatically when you create a vNIC template. System must have MAC pool to create the vNIC template. Server pools must have two vNIC templates. One is going out the Fabric “A” side of the fabric …

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Cisco UCS – Network Control policy and vLAN’s – vSAN’s

Create Network Control Policy

Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) is used to obtain protocol addresses of neighbouring devices and discover the platform of those devices. This protocol runs on all the Cisco manufactured  devices like UCS blades, routers , switches etc. Once you have enabled the CDP protocols on the Cisco UCS , it sends  the periodic messages, known as advertisements, to a multicast address. Each device advertises …

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Cisco UCS – How to Configure WWN Pools ?

Create WWPN pool  - Fabric B

In Cisco UCS domain , we need to create WWNN (World wide Node names) and WWPN  (World Wide Port Names) manually  to use the Fibre Channel vHBAs .  World Wide Node Name is assigned to the blades and World Wide Port Name is assigned to vHBA (Virtual Host Bus adaptor).  According to the cisco notes,  A WWN pool can include only …

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Cisco UCS manager – How to Create the MAC POOL ?

Create MAC Pool - Fabric A

Cisco UCS blades are not encoded with MAC address. So we need to create the MAC addresses, that are unique in their Layer 2 environment and are available to be assigned to vNICs on a server.  To assign a MAC address to a blade , you have to include the MAC pool in a vNIC policy. The vNIC policy is then included …

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