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Amazon AWS – S3 Lifecycle Storage Management with Glacier – Part 8

Featured Image - S3 Lifecycle

Amazon AWS – S3 (Simple Storage System) provides the lifecycle storage management system to reduce the operating cost by moving the data in to different storage  classes (“S3 – IA” & “Glacier- Archive” are cheaper storage compare to S3). At the same time , AWS also provides the robust automatic system which enables to move the data from one storage …

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Amazon AWS – Create a S3 Storage Bucket – Part 7

AWS S3 - Create new Storage Bucket

This article will walk through that how to create S3  object storage bucket in Amazon AWS portal. S3 is multipurpose object storage with plenty of features and storage options for as we discussed in last article. Buckets are globally unique containers for everything that you store in Amazon S3. That said you have to create the bucket with unique name. Otherwise, …

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Amazon AWS – S3 Storage Overview – Part 6

Amazon S3 - Overview

S3 – Simple storage service – S3 is a safe place to store your files. Its an Object based storage system and the data is spread across multiple devices and multiple amazon facilities. S3 Storage is highly  secure,reliable,  Scalable Object storage service. Amazon provides simple web interfaces to S3 storage and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the …

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