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  1. hi Team,

    Is there any online Linux virtual labs. please suggest some sites to workout the practical’s. is it available free of cost or need to pay ? kindly do the needful…

  2. hi

    would you please post some good notes on cluster configuration on on CENTOS nodes.

  3. Hi Team,

    Is there any online classes is conducting by “UNIX ARENA” if yes tell us the fee structure. We are well interested to join it.

  4. Hi Team,

    Is there any way to monitor/measure the oversubscription of vCpu or memory.

    with thanks and regards
    Mahesha k

  5. Openstack and VXVM tutorial is good,

  6. Is there any document with steps to create channels in Spacewalk for SuSE 11 repositories.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jineesh K

  7. Dear Sir,

    OS images to be taken for 4 X CI LDOMs and restored at DR server and reconfiguration of IP, hostname, storage mount points.

  8. Hi,
    Post more about redhat confguration methods

  9. Joseph Egbuanran

    I used your method as you directed on “how to recover VMWare ESXI root password”. I was able to successfully update the tar files as indicated but when i root the host server and to login without no root password, it still giving me Authentication failed incorrect password.

  10. Plz share some topic about services used in Solaris 10. Any kind of notes or pdf files

  11. lucreate failed due to ‚Äď Zones residing on top level of the dataset.

    Is there any way to fix it without halt of zone.
    Scenerio : we have plan to fix the issue on zpool basis may be using snapshot/clone of zone root pool on the same zone root zpool having anoher dataset. during mig. we will shut down the zone will do required zonecfg changes (very less downtime).
    please suggest here.
    FYI : we cannot copy data from running zone as nfs and other dataset of other zpools are mounted on zone and while copying it will copy all other than root zpool.

  12. Hi,
    I am working on one Openstack setup where I need Openstack ready Oracle linux 6.7 image.
    Can you help me creating one..
    I have already created qcow2 format image but its facing disk partition issues.

    Thank you.

  13. Hi

    We are looking forward for your posts on AWS…please continue your posts.

    Best Regards,

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