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Sun Cluster – Configuring Resource Group in Zone Cluster

Multiple-tier consolidation - Sun cluster

This article will walk you through how to configure a resource group in zone cluster. Unlike traditional cluster, resource group and cluster resources are should be created inside the non-global zone. The required physical or logical resources need to be pinned from the global zone using “clzonecluster”  or “clzc” command.  In this article, we will configure HA filesystem and IP …

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Converting native zone as Kernel zone – Solaris 11.2

Kernel zone migration

on Oracle Solaris 11.2, as we have already seen that kernel zones are completely isolated from the global zone. Oracle Solaris 11.2 kernel zones supports both backwards and forwards compatibility which means you can also run oracle Solaris 11.3(When it release) on the kernel zone where your global zone can still with oracle Solaris 11.2  In most of the Solaris 11 …

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How to configure and install kernel zone on Solaris 11.2

solaris 11.2 - kernel zone

In Oracle Solaris 11.2,we have new type of zone called kernel zone. This zone is almost similar to SPARC VM (LDOM) guests which can run on its own patch level and completely isolated from global zone. These kernel branded zones are support on both SPARC & X86 hardwares. But  processors should support virtulization  technology(VT) .In X86 hardwares, you have to …

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How to install solaris 10 branded zone on solaris 11?

solaris 10 branded zone

Oracle Solaris 10 allows you to create a Solaris 9 and Solaris 8 as branded zone on SPARC environment and not supported on x86.But oracle soalris 11 allows you to create Solaris 10 as a branded zone on both SPARC and X86 environments.For your information Solaris 9 and Solaris 8 branded zones are not supported on solaris11. So customers are …

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Solaris Local Zone’s lsof

Solaris zones find the port lsof

In Solaris local zone lsof will not work.By default all the application should have configured with specific port number.But sometimes your application will not start if that port has been already occupied by another application process.In this situation, you will get error like “unable to bind port <port-number>”if you try to start the application. Traditionally we will use lsof command to …

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How to Control the Zone’s Network Bandwidth on Solaris 11?

Network bandwidth control solaris 11

Oracle has made a lot of changes in Solaris 11’s network architecture compare to Solaris 10. Solaris 11’s network virtualization and network resource control to the OS is absolutely brilliant. The biggest problem with Oracle Solaris 10 is that we have forced to use shared IP type for local zones , since exclusive IP type  required a dedicated NIC’s for each zone. …

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How to Migrate the Local Zones on Solaris ?

How to migrate the local zones from one global zone to another global zone ? Last week, I have migrated the couple of local zones from one global zone to another global zone successfully and here I am sharing the same.In real production environment,you can balance the global zones load by moving few local zones to another global zones.To achieve this , …

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Solaris 11 – How to Clone the local zone ?

Solaris 11 local zone installation article already available in Unixarena. But here we are going to see how to create a local zone much faster than that and how to clone the local zones in seconds.The cloning mechanism utilizes the ZFS deduplication facility and it creates local zones with size few MB’s if we create the local zones on same zpool. The cloning is much faster than the …

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Solaris Zone’s shutting down state

As you know that Solaris zones are not completely isolated from Solaris global zone.All of the local zones will be considered as  global zone’s instances and it all depends on global zone’s kernel.For an example,you can see all the local zone process from global zone using “ps -efZ” command and that shows that zones are not completely isolated from global.Sometimes this mechanism makes Unix admin job …

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Solaris Zone(Containers) – Interview Questions

Here I would like to share interview questions regarding Solaris zones which will be normally asked for L2 level candidates in Solaris interviews. Now a days virtualization plays very important role in infrastructure market to reduce the data center space,power and utilizing hardware potentially. The virtualization goal is that utilizing the hardware without scarifying the application performance and reducing  the operational cost. We will see some of the interview questions and its answer here.Stay tuned.Q 1.What are …

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