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What is VMware’s VSAN ? How to Implement it ?

VMware is offering different piece of software to utilize the  all type of x86 hardwares in the world.Virtual SAN is another great achievement of VMware which helps you to eliminate the costliest SAN network  and costlier NAS storage devices. VSAN algorithm is very simple and smart. When you buy a server, by default it will be having capacity to have …

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VSAN Deployment issues and Fixes

You can’t successfully deploy any software product in the first shot. I have successfully deployed VSAN in my third attempt . It also differs to person to person and their knowledge but some people will never complete it .Here i would to share the issues what i have faced during the deployment.First thing that, I haven’t tired in real hardware.I have …

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How to create VSAN diskgroup on VMware ?

In this article ,we will see how to create VSAN diskgroup on vSphere environment.As a prerequisites, we have already setup the dedicated VSAN network and VSAN cluster setup. To create VSAN diskgroup, you should have minimum one SSD (solid state drive) and one magnetic disk. SSD is very import to improve the read and write speed to match with real SAN …

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How to configure VSAN cluster on VMware ?

Once you have set up the dedicated VSAN network, then you can start configuring VSAN cluster.Before proceeding with VSAN cluster , please make sure that ESXi hosts are connected with solid state drives.(SSD). VMware Recommends to have SSD on each VSAN diskgroup to improve the read and write performance.At the time of VSAN cluster  creation, do not enable the vSphere …

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How to create a VMware Virtual SAN Network ?

To setup the Virtual SAN cluster environment, you should have the dedicated network for VSAN which provides the inter-cluster communication and also to perform the read and write operation on the remote vSphere systems for virtual machines.Both vSphere Distributed switch and Standard switch supports VSAN network but you need to create dedicated vmkernel adapter. Since the data flow is going …

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