vSphere Distributed Switch

How to Migrate the VM’s to vSphere Distributed Switch ?

When it comes to VMware networking , you should know about VSS  (vSphere Standard Switch) and VDS (vSphere Distributed Switch). This article is going to demonstrate the migration of  virtual machines  from VSS (vSphere Standard Switch) to VDS (vSphere Distributed Switch). First we will see why do we need to virtualize the networking in VMware environment.The virtual networking provides various services to …

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How to Create a vSphere Distributed switch and Port Group ?

VMware vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) provides a centralized VM network administration and that eases the management burden by treating the network as an aggregated resource.vSphere distributed switch can be divided as two logical sections. 1.Data Plane2. Management Plane.Data Plane is responsible for packet switching, filtering, tagging etc…Management plane  just provides the complete control structure to the administrator to manage the …

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vSphere Distributed Switch – Configuration copies

I am not sure how VMware has plans on  Vsphere standard switch’s (VSS) and vSphere distributed switch’s  (VDS) future  development.But definitely VDS has an edge over VSS. One of the main advantage of VDS is that, it maintains the same configuration across all the ESXi servers.You can also use VSS but it really difficult to maintain the same configuration across …

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