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Virtual Machine Live Migration – How it works ?

VM Live Migration timelines

Virtualization’s revolution has pushed many technical challenges from “impossible” category to the “possible” category. Live Guest OS Migration can be considered as one of the major benefits of the OS virtualization. Migrating the virtual machine from one host to another host without downtime facilitates fault management, load-balancing, and low-level system maintenance. It has eliminated all difficulties faced by process-level migration by just …

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How to Measure the bandwidth between Linux / Solaris hosts ?

All the new servers are shipping with 10 Gbps built-in network adapters .  At the same time, servers are virtualized and one physical server may hosts many virtual servers. For an example, VMware ESXi hypervisor will be directly installed on physical server and multiple VM’s will be created on top of that. So all the VM’s will share the same 10Gbps network interface. That’s why throughput will not …

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VMRC – Standalone VMware Remote Console

Due to NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) deprecation on all the modern browsers , VMware need to find the alternate solution to use the vSphere Web-client for launching the VM console, upload & download the files from datastore and use of windows authentication on the browser(To use windows login in browser). According to the Google announcement, NAAPI will be permanently disabled …

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Dynamically Adding Memory CPU to VM on VMware

VMware vSphere’s hot-add Memory and hot-plug CPU functions allow you to add the CPU and Memory while virtual machine is up and running. It will help you to add the additional  resources whenever required and  no need to bring down the VM for each time.But  you can’t remove the resources once you have added the VM while its  running.This Hot-add …

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How VMware vSphere is saving physical memory ?

There are lot of  discussions is  going on the blogs,social media’s about the vSphere’s VM memory management. So i had just came up with VM’s memory analysis on the last article. But i haven’t explained the  memory saving techniques  on that article. Here we are going to discuss about that. If you look at the vSphere client’s resource allocation tab, …

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Veeam – How to backup and restore Solaris/Linux guests using veeamzip ?

Veeam Backup & Replication is one of the leading backup software for VMware vSphere/Hyper-v environments.Compare to other traditional backup softwares, Veeam is very fast to recover the guest OS  irrespective of guest filesystem type on VMware vSphere environment. In last weekend ,one the Guest OS was removed accidentally but we had good veeamZip backup file for that guest and that …

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How to disable control Alt Delete on VMware Linux Guests ?

I just want to share about the incident that  happened on our VMware vSphere environment last week. In our environment, we have mix of windows and Redhat Linux guest operating systems that are running on VMware ESXi . One of the Redhat Linux server rebooted automatically and the root cause was that some one send Ctrl-Alt-Delete (Ctrl-Alt-Insert) to redhat guest …

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How to generate crashdump of VMware Guests using snapshot ?

Root cause analysis is one of the toughest job.If its come to operating system, We mostly  engage the Operating system vendors to find the root cause by analyzing  the system logs and crashdump.The system logs will not alone help you to identify the root cause all the time and you need crashdump very badly.  How the crashdump can be generated if …

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Solaris Guests on VMware ESXI – Industry’s Best Practice

VMware ESXi servers transform datacenters into scalable and aggregated infrastructure along with vCenter Server. VMware provides platform to use the various services on single physical node.For an example,We can have different Linux flavours,Solaris x86 and windows operating systems on same box as virtual guests using VMware vSphere . As we all know Oracle SUN SPARC hardware is too costly and …

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