How to share the windows folders to vmware guest

To share files from windows to Solaris in vmware workstation, we no need to configure samba or NFS.By enabling the share folders in vmware workstation, we can simply map any windows folder in Solaris. To enable this feature ,vmware tools must be installed.To see, how to install vmware tools CLICK HERE.Here we will see how to share windows folder to Solaris. 1.Click on the summary view …

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How to install vmware tools on Solaris guest OS

VMware tools are required to share the directory from base operating system to guest operating system.It also provide the option to drag files from base OS to guest OS to copy the files. The another important feature is cursor release on the guest operating system. You no need to press cntrl+alt to release the cursor from guest OS.   Here we will see how …

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How to create Solaris virtual machine in vmware workstation

Many of them want to become Unix expert  but they won’t get opportunity to play on it. But if you have a desktop or laptop, you can learn everything using vmware workstation.It’s just amazing the you can install most of the operating systems under vmware workstation and here we are going to see about how to setup Solaris 10 virtual machines.You know that i had setup …

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