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How do you troubleshoot if VCS cluster is not starting ?

VCS troubleshooting

How do you start VCS cluster if its not started automatically after the  server reboot?  Have you ever faced such  issues ? If not just see how we can fix these kind of issues on veritas cluster. I have been asking this questions on the Solaris interviews but most of them are fail to impress me by saying some unrelated …

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How to Run Vertias Explorer for Specific Module ?

Veritas Explorer

Veritas explorer is a utility provided by Symantec to collect the necessary system information along with their products veritas volume manager and veritas cluster information.If you just run the veritas explorer,it will collect all their product information,logs,cores and other information for investigation. You have to provide the veritas explorer if you need any assistance from veritas/Symantec.But some times, if you …

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Veritas Volume Manager/Cluster License Keys

I Just got a time to write about my all time favourite product “veritas”. This post is all about veritas volume manager and Veritas cluster licensing. These products will be mostly used on Enterprise computing environment and it provides great on-line functionality for managing volumes & filesystems. This product is worth for the money but as a system administrator, we can’t bear this price for …

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How to configure I/O fencing on Veritas cluster ?

IO fencing

I/O fencing is required to protect the data corruption in Shared storage cluster environment. In Normal VCS operation,Veritas cluster nodes will be having heart beats and each system will send ICMP packets to ensure each machines are live and service group status is known.(Picture:1.0).I/O fencing behaves same way on system failure and cluster interconnect failure.It will not take any decision by assuming like something.The I/O fencing …

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How to assign VXFS FS to Solaris local zone from global ?

Adding veritas filesystems to zones

How to assign different type of filesystems from Solaris global zone to local zone ? The filesystem type could be type of vxfs , zfs or ufs. Oracle Solaris offers various way of assigning filesystem to Solaris zones.But we need to find out the best method for adding different type filesystems  to local zones. The best method must meet the …

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SCRIPT:To calculate VXVM’s vxprint values & vxdisk size

VXVM script

We have seen how to calculate the vxprint and vxdisk values manually in the last post.But in  very busy work schedule, its very difficult to spend  time for calculating those values.I have developed the bash shell script(works for solaris) which will give you the volume size ,plex size,Disk size and sub-disk size (GB’s) of specific diskgroup in seconds.Adding to that this script will report the  Diskgroup size …

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How to calculate vxvm volume size and objects size

Veritas Explorer

I am very sure that many of the Unix beginners(i e. veritas volume manager) will be struggling to calculate the values from “vxprint” output and “vxdisk” output to determine the size of the objects like volume,plex,subdisks and disk. Off course there is no easy way to get the values in MB or GB using veritas command. You need to calculate it your self. …

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VCS Questions Answers

Veritas cluster interview questions

I feel this is very useful post for the UNIX admins who want to give Solaris interview. You can’t escape from veritas cluster part on the interview since it is widely used clustering software on mission critical Solaris servers.Please feel free to setup VCS cluster on your laptop and practice as much as possible before going to give a interview.The …

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Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability (HA) Solutions license keys ?

veritas package download free

How can i get veritas storage foundation and High availability from Symantec ? Is it free ? No.Only Veritas Storage Foundation Basic is a free-license version of Veritas Storage Foundation . Using the basic version, you can create up to four volumes and four diskgroups and you can’t use veritas cluster service in this. But you have an option here to use full version of  Veritas Storage …

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