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VMware vCloud Director Build From Scratch – 2


In this article ,we will see the remaining vCloud director’s quick setup which we have left out in the last article.We have  already seen  that how to attach the vCloud director to VMware vCenter server and creating the provider vDC. Here we will be seeing the external networking part and creating the new organization. once you have created the organization, …

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VMware vCloud Director Build From Scratch – 1

vCloud Build - 1

In this VMware vCloud Director article series, this article is going to demonstrate that how to attach the vCloud director to VMware vCenter Server and how to create a provider virtual Data-center. vCloud director can’t manage the system resources or virtual resources directly.It requires VMware vCenter server in the back-end to get the required  resources using vCloud API. Once you …

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What is VMware vCloud ? How it works ?

vcloud unixarena

In IT infrastructure market, Cloud is the trending topic and technology from last few years. Most of the hardware vendors and operating systems developers have already started working to integrate the cloud technology on existing operating systems. For an example , oracle had integrated the openstack cloud software on their oracle Solaris operating systems.Let’s have Q&A on cloud topic to …

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Unable to Detach vCenter Server from vCloud


How to detach the vCenter Server from vCloud Director ? Its very simple .If you want to detach the vCenter server completely from vCloud, just remove the Cloud Resources and detach the vCenter server from vCloud director web portal. But sometimes, we may forget to clean up the Cloud resources properly and that will create a problem when you tried to detach vCenter …

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Host cannot prepare – vCloud Director agent installation

Final status

This article is going to demonstrate how we can resolve  VMware vCloud agent installation issue on ESXi 5.5 servers. When you add an clustered  ESXi hosts to vCloud Director , you have to prepare the host before a provider vDC can use its resources. During the preparation, vCloud director tries to install vCloud agent on ESXi hosts but sometimes it fails …

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How to Deploy and configure VMware vShield Manager ?

vShield Manager web-login page

This article will help you to deploy and configure the vShield manager appliance on vSphere environment. We should deploy   vShield Manager to provide the network services to vCloud director. Each vCenter server which you are adding to vCloud director must be associated with one vShield manager . vShield manager is the central management pane to manage all the vShield …

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How to Deploy VMware vCloud Director 5.5 ?

vCloud Director Login page

VMware vCloud Director is one of the key component of vCloud suite which provides an automated operation management,policy based infrastructure components,self-service portal and  application provisioning . These all the features makes vCloud director (vDC) is one of the best IAAS ( infrastructure-as-a-service) solution in the market today. But VMware has released vCAC (VMware vCloud automation center) which also similar to vDC. …

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