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Cloudstats.me – The Next-Gen Server Monitoring Platform

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Cloudstats.me  is the Next-Gen server/website monitoring platform which suits for  Linux, windows servers and enterprise websites. I have been worked with several enterprise monitoring tools but Cloudstats stands out with it’s simplicity. You no need to spend thousands of dollors to  buy the monitoring software and hire the resources to setup the  monitoring services platform.  Also you no need to spend …

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Solaris Process Inspection Commands

Oracle Solaris provides many utilities for inspecting the state of process which are running on the system.Using the process inspection commands ,we can dig in to the process  in detail manner for in depth troubleshooting.Here we are going to see many process introspection command which will very handy on application trouble shooting.This article is based on Solaris internals book. Please see the below table to know …

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Solaris Process controlling – proc tools

In the last post, we have seen about process status using prstat.But here we are going to see how to control the process using pid in Solaris  Many of the Solaris administrator may thinking  how to freeze the process ? Some beginners may still have doubt that how to kill the process? Some of them may still wondering how start the stopped process. Here we have …

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Solaris Processes Monitoring – prstat

Solaris Processes Monitoring (PROC)  In normal Unix operation ,you need to deal with process and this will be the  routine job in Unix administration .In Solaris we have number of tools to examine process details and those just reading the /proc directory.These tools are very useful in application troubleshooting and analyzing the system performance.This article is based on “Solaris™ Internals: Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris Kernel Architecture” …

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Solaris Local zone wise Memory & CPU usage details using script

cpu memory usage on solaris

I am sure many of the Solaris administrator will break their head in a order to find Solaris local zones wise resource utilization details. Because there is no simple to tool to find these details in Solaris 10. I just come across  Jeff Victor’s Blog and found this script which will be very useful in our daily Unix administration,This script will help you to find resource consumption of each Solaris local zone from global zone level.This …

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KSAR – Graphical SAR analysis tool (Identify Solaris Bottlenecks )

The SAR is very useful tool to monitor CPU,memory,disk I/O,network resources all the time on Solaris server.But how do you analysis sar output ? Off-course you can use sar commands to see various system resource usage using sar output files.(Ex:Like sar -f file_name to see CPU usage,sar -r to see memory usage).But we are expecting more than this.In Solaris we do not have tool like NMON …

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How to calculate SAR and VMSTAT memory values

Most of the UNIX beginners are very confused with sar and vmstat outputs.In most of the occasion they are not able to determine the free memory and free swap in order to find the memory bottleneck.Not all the time  “top” command will give right values. Ksar graphical tool also very useful to analysis bottleneck.SAR:Now we will see how to calculate free memory and swapFormula: Free memory in GB= freemem*pagesize/1024/1024/1024 Free swap …

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How to enable SAR(System Activity Reporter) in Solaris?

SAR:(System Activity Reporter) SAR is a legacy system monitoring  tool which is  used to report  CPU activity, system loads average, memory/paging, LUN load, network activity.We can add SAR in crontab to monitor the server through out the day and this will help you to find the system disk I/O,memory utilization,CPU utilization any given time.Once you have the sar output files, you can use ksar graphical tool to make awesome graph. …

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