Unix admin scripts

SCRIPT:To calculate VXVM’s vxprint values & vxdisk size

We have seen how to calculate the vxprint and vxdisk values manually in the last post.But in  very busy work schedule, its very difficult to spend  time for calculating those values.I have developed the bash shell script(works for solaris) which will give you the volume size ,plex size,Disk size and sub-disk size (GB’s) of specific diskgroup in seconds.Adding to that this script will report the  Diskgroup size …

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How to find the Solaris global zone from local zone using script

Many of the Solaris administrators will break their head to find Solaris global zone name from  localzone. These kind of questions may asked in interviews too.How do you find it ? The answer is No.There is no simple command to find it.Because Oracle (Sun microsystems  ) designed the Solaris zones in such a way for that, you can’t  find the global zone from local zone due to security reason. …

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Solaris Local zone wise Memory & CPU usage details using script

I am sure many of the Solaris administrator will break their head in a order to find Solaris local zones wise resource utilization details. Because there is no simple to tool to find these details in Solaris 10. I just come across  Jeff Victor’s Blog and found this script which will be very useful in our daily Unix administration,This script will help you to find resource consumption of each Solaris local zone from global zone level.This …

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