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Managing Zone Cluster – Oracle Solaris

solaris cluster

This article will talk about managing the Zone Cluster on oracle Solaris. The clzonecluster command supports all zone cluster administrative activity, from creation through modification and control to final destruction. The clzonecluster command supports single point of administration, which means that the command can be executed from any node and operates across the entire cluster. The clzonecluster command builds upon …

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Sun Cluster – Configuring Resource Group in Zone Cluster

Multiple-tier consolidation - Sun cluster

This article will walk you through how to configure a resource group in zone cluster. Unlike traditional cluster, resource group and cluster resources are should be created inside the non-global zone. The required physical or logical resources need to be pinned from the global zone using “clzonecluster”  or “clzc” command.  In this article, we will configure HA filesystem and IP …

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Solaris 10 – Not booting in New Boot Environment ? Liveupgrade

Solaris 10 Live upgrade issues and fixes

I have been dealing with Solaris 10  Live upgrade issues from almost five years but still the new LU patches are not able to fix the common issues like updating the menu.lst file and setting the default boot environment. If the system is configured with ZFS root filesystem, then you have to follow the Live upgrade method for OS patching. Live …

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How to Measure the bandwidth between Linux / Solaris hosts ?

All the new servers are shipping with 10 Gbps built-in network adapters .  At the same time, servers are virtualized and one physical server may hosts many virtual servers. For an example, VMware ESXi hypervisor will be directly installed on physical server and multiple VM’s will be created on top of that. So all the VM’s will share the same 10Gbps network interface. That’s why throughput will not …

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Shellshock bug – vulnerability on Bash shell

Millions of computers are using bash shell (command interpreter ). New security flaw has been found on bash(Bash Code Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271) and it allows attackers  can take the system control remotely. Heartbleed wave was just over on last april (Openssl vulnerability ).Is Shell-shock hurts more than Heartbleed ? Off-course  Yes. Heartbleed was all about sniffing the system memory but Shellshock  has opened the …

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Solaris Local Zone’s lsof

In Solaris local zone lsof will not work.By default all the application should have configured with specific port number.But sometimes your application will not start if that port has been already occupied by another application process.In this situation, you will get error like “unable to bind port <port-number>”if you try to start the application. Traditionally we will use lsof command to …

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How to Identify Solaris Processor Cores ?

For  hardware inventory, we may need to provide the Processor details like number installed physical processors , number core per processor on Solaris SPARC and X86 system. SunMicro system doesn’t make any complication to identify the CPU information on Solaris Operating system.To list the physical processor and core,we have the binary called “prsinfo” to pull the information. We can also look …

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