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Shellshock bug – vulnerability on Bash shell

Millions of computers are using bash shell (command interpreter ). New security flaw has been found on bash(Bash Code Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271) and it allows attackers  can take the system control remotely. Heartbleed wave was just over on last april (Openssl vulnerability ).Is Shell-shock hurts more than Heartbleed ? Off-course  Yes. Heartbleed was all about sniffing the system memory but Shellshock  has opened the …

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How to reduce the Security risk in Solaris ? – Generic OS Hardening steps

Is your Solaris environment is secure enough ? How can we tighten the system security ? Here we will see some basic  Hardening steps for Solaris OS.Every organization should maintain hardening checklists of each operating systems which they are using it.Before server is bringing to operation/production, hardening check list needs to be verified by support team who supports the server.     …

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