How to add ISCSI Storage to RHEV ?

To store the virtual machines , you need centralized storage like SAN or NFS file server. Not everyone in world can afford the SAN cost since it requires lot hardwares like fiber channel cables, SFP ┬áconnectors, SAN switches and Storage. But iSCSI storage can be easily setup using the existing system network with commodity hardware (X86 servers with DAS ). …

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How to create a Datacenter and Cluster on RHEV-M ?

Redhat Provides the wonderful administrative portal to manage the Redhat Enterprise virtualization environment. Redhat enterprise virtualization Manager is responsible to provide the administrative portal, user portal and reports portal. Its also manage the virtual objects and maintains the inventory on its own database. It performs the similar operations like VMware vCenter server or Oracle VM Manager if we compare to …

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Redhat Enterprise virtualization Manager – Install & configure

To manage the redhat enterprise virtualization hypervisor (RHEV-H) , you have to configure the Redhat Enterprise Virtualization Manager (RHEV-M) on Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.x operating system. RHEV-M provides a feature rich graphical based web interface to manage the virtual infrastructure from single point. It provides host management ,guest management,storage management and high availability infrastructure. We can access the web-portal on …

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