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rcapadm – Solaris Online Resource Capping

As you know, system resources like CPU,MEMORY,SWAP can be limited to Solaris local zones using capping.We do the resource capping by just using “zonecfg” command. But the changes are instantaneous ?  No. You need to reboot the local zone in a order to take the settings effect.Here we will see how to make the changes instantaneous. But instantaneous     is not permanent.You …

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Solaris Zone’s Resource capping – MEMORY-CPU

Solaris Zone’s Resource capping:  Resource capping is nothing but Limiting the system resources like CPU,Memory,SWAP  to local zone.For an example, if you are running local zones without a resource capping,there may be high possibility that one zone will consume all the global zone resources and it will effect other local zones which are running the same global zone.We do not want to put …

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How to create new CPU resource pool in Solaris

Solaris 10 has many resource control model. Here we are going to see how to create new processor pool and how to associate processor set to it.Resource pools enable you to separate workloads so that workload consumption of certain resources does not overlap.For an example, specific user process or specific application  process are consuming high CPU usage and  if you want to …

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How to check currently using semaphores in Solaris ?

Many system administrators, particularly those managing large database servers, have had difficulty tuning shared memory and semaphore parameters in /etc/system. Often, these difficulties are experienced before starting an application instance. The Solaris[TM] 10 Operating System addresses this issue by integrating the System V IPC tunables into a powerful and flexible framework for easy administration. If you want to know, how many …

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Solaris 10’s Resource Management:Controlling process using projects

in older days we use to set the kernel tuneable parameters through /etc/system in Solaris Boxes.But from Solaris 10 on-wards,we set those parameters using resource control mechanism.The rctladm command allows you to make runtime interrogations of and modifications to the resource controls facility, with global scope. The prctl command allows you to make runtime interrogations of and modifications to the resource controls facility, with local scope. Many kernel parameters …

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Solaris 10’s Resource Management and Shell Limit(ulimit)

Solaris 10’s Resource Management One of the best known features in Solaris is Resource management. This mechanism allows controlling resource for each and every process which is big advantage in system administration.System precious resources like CPU & memory also can be controlled by using projects and newtask feature. Resource Management:A resource controls are identified by following prefix1.  zone (Ex:zone.cpu-shares)2.  project (Ex:project.max-shm-memory)3. task …

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