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Oracle VM for X86 Tutorial

OVM networking featured

UnixArena offers free tutorial on Oracle VM for X86 . Oracle VM is an Oracle’s enterprise  virtualization  technology for SPARC and X86 hardwares. Oracle VM for SPARC is supported only through Oracle’s T-series servers which is built on SPARC processor(RISC Architecture & only Solaris Guest supported).Oracle VM for X86 is an X86 based hypervisor which is similar to VMware’s vSphere …

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How to upgrade Oracle VM server ?

OVS upgrade

In the last article we have seen that how to upgrade the oracle VM manager.Here we will see how we can upgrade the oracle VM servers. Once you have upgraded the VM manager , you may observed that lower version of oracle VM servers will be yellow marked in OVM console. Its always recommended to match the Oracle VM manager …

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How to upgrade oracle VM manager ?

OVM upgrade

As we all know that oracle VM for X86 has some bugs and oracle is trying  hard to fix those bugs on new releases. So we need to update the oracle VM manager and oracle VM server whenever the newer version is available(off course after testing it in test environment).Here we will see how to upgrade the oracle VM manager …

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How to take console of Oracle VM guest ?

Direct OVM guset console from windows system

To install a guest operating system , you have to take the oracle VM guest console from OVM manager web-portal. This console is also required for each guest operating system troubleshooting the booting failure or administration purpose. Unlike VMware’s vm console , oracle VM console , required some per-configuration to access from other network. oracle VM console also requires Java …

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How to create a virtual machine on oracle VM ?

creating virtual machine oracle VM

Oracle VM supports three type of virtual machines .The first one is  hardware Virtualizaton (HVM, Fully virtualized). To create HVM guests, your hardware must support hardware virtualization and should be enabled in BIOS where you have installed the oracle VM server.The second one is Hardware virtualized with para-virtualized drivers (PVHVM). This is all most similar to HVM but uses the para-virtualized …

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How to create a new VM network and VNIC on Oracle VM ?

OVM networking featured

Oracle VM for x86 has many network functions unlike traditional servers.  In Oracle VM each physical network link will be called as network port. These network ports will be used for oracle VM server management , live migration, Cluster heartbeat , ISCSI storage and virtual machines network. If you use the same network ports for all these functions , we …

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How to upload the ISO files to OVM repository ?

oracle VM ISO featured

To install guest operating systems on OVM’s virtual machines , you need to have ISO images on storage repositories.In UnixArena, we have already seen about creating the storage repositories.Once the storage repositories are presented to oracle VM server, you can import the ISO’s to oracle VM server’s repositories. But you can’t simply browse the ISO and import it . You …

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How to Create a Storage Repositories on Oracle VM ?

Featured image OVM REPO

In oracle VM, you have to  create a storage repositories to store the virtual disks , ISO files ,template files and VM files.Once you have configured the storage array and configured the server pool, you will be able to create the repositories and present to the Oracle VM servers.These repositories can be created over NFS or SAN LUNS. However, you …

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How to Create a server pool on oracle VM?

OVS Servers added to OVM

In oracle VM for x86 series , we have already seen the installation of oracle VM server and Oracle VM manager. Once you have completed the installation of those softwares, you need to add the oracle VM servers in to oracle VM manager to manage those server.You need to discover the oracle VM servers from OVM console and create a …

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How to add ISCSI storage array to OVM ?

ISCSI storage LUNS

Oracle VM storage mechanisms uses oracle storage connect plug-ins. Oracle provides two type of generic plugins along with oracle VM software. One is Storage array plugin that  used to connect  block level storage and the second one is  a filesystem plugin that is used to connect network filesystem based storage.These plugins will just help you to detect the storage LUNS …

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