How to setup ISCSI initiator on Redhat Linux ?

Here we are going to see about adding ISCSI targets on redhat Linux.SAN environment is highly impossible for small companies due to it’s cost.As an alternative, ISCSI provides a SAN like environment using storage via IP concept. To use ISCSI  storage , you need a high speed LAN cards and cables to achieve the speed like fiber channel SAN network. ISCSI uses TCP/IP port 3260 …

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How to add ISCSI targets in Solaris-shared storage setup

This article explains about adding the ISCSI target on Solaris node.Once you installed the openfiler,you have to provision LUN to specific target in order to access  LUNS in operating system.Once its done,then we just need to add those targets in OS to see those disks.Here we will see, how to add the iscsi target in Solaris in details manner. Assumption:Here i have already provision lun1 & lun2 to specific …

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How to provision new LUN in openfiler

In this article we are going to see how to provision new LUNS to specific target in openfiler.Since openfiler is based on Linux kernel, provisioning LUN is very easy if you know LVM(Logical volume manager).openfiler provides the web-based administration and its so easy for everyone.Just go through step by step guide to  provision new LUNS to specific target.By assigning luns to multiple targets will help to practice multi-pathing software like …

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How to install openfiler on vmware for shared storage

Openfiler is an operating system that provides block based storage area network and file based NAS using ISCSI protocol. Using this software ,we can setup shared storage for our cluster testing setup.I have installed the openfiler on vmware workstation and here is the step by step screenshot of installationYou can download latest openfiler from the below link.http://www.openfiler.com/community/download/Create new virtual machine …

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