How to Provision ISCSI target LUNS in Open-E DSS ?

In the Open-E DSS V7 series, we have seen the installation  and initial setup of open-e the data storage management software.Here we will see how to add the disks to the Open-E volume manager and how to create a logical volume. In the end of this article, you can see how to create a new ISCSI target and how to map the …

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How to Install OPEN-E DSS V7 ? Data Storage Software

Open-E DSS V7  is an enterprise  data storage management operating system. It provides a ISCSI, NAS,SAN and InfiniBand functionalities .Free version of OPEN-E (lite) supports SAN and NAS functionalities. Compare to openfiler, Open-E is a very good alternative software for data storage management. It’s a very reliable, with substantially better performance on heavy workloads.Here we are going to see how to install OPEN-E DSS V7 operating …

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