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How to copy the files from Unix to windows ? winscp

This is a command question among the Unix beginners and windows administrator that how to copy the files from windows to Unix operating system and vise-verse.In all the Unix/Linux operating system supports secure shell which is widely used.Its very secured compared to telnet and ftp. By default ssh uses the port 22. SFTP (secure file transfer protocol  & SCP (secure copy) also uses the same port.  But windows operating system …

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Solaris 10 installation on vmware workstation

In this post we will see how to install Solaris 10 OS with ZFS root filesystem using the DVD.I will be installing Solaris 10 X86 on a vmware workstation .Create a virtual machine like the one we have configured here.Power on the virtual machine.It will boot from Solaris DVD. Your installation begin here.  Select 4  for ZFS root filesystem.  Select  the keyboard layout.  Select the …

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How to configure password less authentication using ssh

Password less authentication may required in various setup and we need to configure password less authentication for root user in cluster setup in order to install cluster software on both the machine simultaneously. Here we will see how to configure password less authentication using ssh on Solaris nodes. Login to node1.Create a new ssh keygen .Here i have used RSA keygen. If you want you can use DSA …

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Solaris run levels

Solaris system state or init states refer to the level of services provided by the system on that specific run-level.Normally SVR4 systems has 7 run levels and Solaris too has that.(S)tart files, (K)ill files: In unix ,runlevel will define what are the process need to start in OS startup according to which run level defined in the /etc/inittab file.For example, in initab if the run-level mentioned as 3 then …

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VI Editor- Command Reference

“vi” is powerful editor which is available in Unix/Linux to edit the text files.Its an command oriented text editor. It has three modes. 1.Insert mode.2.command mode. 3.last line mode.Once you open a file using vi,it opens the file in command mode,which will allow you to move the cursor quickly within a file.Insert mode allows you to enter a new text and modify text in your file. Press …

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Unix File’s – hard link and soft link

In Unix, links allow more than one file name to refer to the same file.In windows terminology,we use to call it as  shortcut. (soft link).Link will not consume any disk space.It will just refer the source file.In Solaris,if you want to see soft links just go to /etc/rc2.d or /etc/rc3.d directory.You can find most links on those directories and it will point …

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