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LDOM – Memory / CPU Reallocation on Hard Partitioning

T4-4 arch

In LDOM , we can’t dynamically remove/add memory resource when the resources are physically bound. This will make hard-time for administrator and application owners where we need to bring down the guest domain every-time when you re-reconfigure memory resources. Normally Oracle Super-cluster servers are pre-configured with Hard Partitioning using the LDOM virtualization.  In typical LDOM method  , CPU threads are allocated …

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LDOM – How to find the physical Memory size ?


In UnixArena,we have talked more about LDOM aka Oracle VM for SPARC.But this article will provide the solution to identify the installed physical memory of the server from control domain. There is no direct command available to find out the total physical memory and un-allocated memory  from control domain.Once you have set the resources limit to control domain, all the …

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LDOM console write access issue – Solaris

LDOM write access

Now a days i have mostly  dealing with oracle VM for SPARC on T-4 servers.(LDOM). As we all know that hardware console can be writable for only one user at a time and if you take the second session , it will automatically connect in read only mode unless you use the force option. The same way oracle VM for …

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Oracle VM SPARC – LDOM configuration Backup and Restore

orcle VM for SPARC LDOM config backup restore

Oracle VM for SPARC configuration can be backed up in XML file and it can be restored  it whenever required.This configuration backup will be very useful for future rebuilding. It also provides the option to take the backup of particular domain and that can be restored using ldm add-domain command.In this article we will how take the individual domain backup,how …

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How to Remove Logical Domains and Services ? Oracle VM for SPARC

oracle VM for SPARC - Removing the domains

Destroying the infrastructure is a easy task in all the environments.In oracle VM for SPARC also ,you can  easily remove the guest domains in few seconds. The same way you can also remove the virtual disk resources and virtual network resources. In some cases you may not able to remove the resources if its in use or already bound to …

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How to Add the Same ISO image file in Multiple LDOMS ?

LDOM ISO file1

In oracle VM for SPARC (LDOM), you need to attach the ISO file to each logical domain, for the first time operating system installation. If you have pre-configured jumpstart , You can use it for the guest domain operating system installation. If you don’t have jumpstart,then you need to install it using the ISO image. By default LDOM will not …

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How to perform Live domain migration on LDOM ? Oracle VM SPARC

Live  Migration LDOM

In Oracle VM for SPARC,we can migrate the guest domains to another system without any downtime. This is similar to vmotion on VMware ESXi. This feature provides the operational flexibility to the customers who don’t want the system to be down for system maintenance.Prior to the system maintenance ,we can easily move the guest domains to another system without any downtime …

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How to Dynamically add the resources in Oracle VM for SPARC ?

LDOM Dynamically moving the resources

The beauty of LDOM or Oracle VM for SPARC is that resources can be dynamically added or removed from the domains(Primary/Guest). This will help you to perform the load balancing between the guest domains on the physical server. Dynamic resource allocation is only possible if the guest domain operating system is booted.If you add the resource during the guest domain OS start-up, allocation …

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How to Configure the I/O Domain on Oracle VM for SPARC ?

IO Domain

If you allow any of the guest domain or control domain to access the any I/O (PCI) cards directly from the hardware ,usually that domain is called I/O domain or root domain.By default, two virtual I/O services that you need to configure on primary domain to provide the I/O to the guest domains.One is virtual disk (vds) for storage and …

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How to configure the Guest domains on LDOM ?

Creating the new Guest Domains

Guest domain is a top level virtual machine which we can create using the control domain. Guest domain will not perform any administrative operation on ldom but runs its own operating system  on it.Once you have completed the Oracle VM for SPARC tutorial 1 ,then you can start following  this article.We will see how we can create a new guest …

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