Solaris 11 – IPS repository issues and Fixes

This article is going to discuss about Image packaging system repository(IPS)’s real time issues and fixes. When i have started working on Solaris 11, i have faced lot of issues with IPS and that too happens only after the IPS deployment.  You need to either online or local repository(offline) to install package,update the Operating system and install the zones. But most …

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How to create IPS repository in Solaris 11.2 ?

Image packaging system(IPS) repository is one of the important element from Solaris 11 onwards. For an example, to install any new package or install the zones, you need IPS repository.In Solaris 11.2 release, oracle automated the IPS little bit by providing the script to merge the piece  of repo files and performing the checksum automatically. We just need to download …

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