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VMware vSphere Interview Questions – Part 1

VMware Hypervisor

VMware infrastructure become very large day by day and VMware is keep on integrating new technologies to their newer vSphere releases.   Its becoming quite difficult for VMware  newbies to understand the technology and  product completely.  This article will answer many questions for VMware beginners about the VMware vSphere product offerings and features.I have not explained  the products and features …

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Linux Interview Questions – Package Management

Package management is one of the important task in Linux Administration.Red Hat Package manager aka RPM provides robust package administration on Redhat Linux.It eliminates the manually building software and made the software installation & maintenance  much easier than before. RPM has lot of front-end tools to resolve the dependencies to install any packages. In this article ,we will see about RPM package manager’s interview questions and Front end tool “yum” related …

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LVM- Linux Interview Questions

This article will share Redhat Linux’s  LVM Interview questions. LVM is one of the most important sub-system in Linux where you need  to provision multiple dynamic filesystems. If you attend any Linux interview, you can always expect more questions from LVM. I have intentionally posted this article for Interviewers who always search in internet for what to ask to the candidate.To select the right …

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Solaris 11 Interview Questions

Always Solaris administrators work will be harder than any other Unix and Linux flavors  administrators.Because Solaris administrator have to learn,third party products like veritas volume manager,veritas cluster and rapidly changing Solaris technologies.For an example Solaris 10 is somewhat different from earlier versions of Solaris since sun have introduced new technologies like ZFS,Zones and different networking commands in Solaris 10. Now oracle re-architectured the  kernel for Solaris 11.So its completely different  from Solaris 10 in package administration,networking and installation methods.This …

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Solaris – Scenario Based Interview Questions

I have seen many of the candidates are very good in theoretical but they will struggle to answer scenario based and ITIL process based questions in Unix interviews. By just reading the text books and remembering commands won’t work. You need to apply your logical skills to succeed there.Be confident on what you know and do not comment on anything …

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Solaris ZFS – Interview Questions

As we know Oracle made ZFS is a default root filesystem from Solaris 11 onwards. This shows their future plans of improving ZFS and making it as worlds best volume manager cum filesystem in near future.Customers would like to have ZFS in their environment  since its a inbuilt volume manager and there is no additional operating cost unlike VXVM. They preferred ZFS data volumes in mid …

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Solaris Zone(Containers) – Interview Questions

Here I would like to share interview questions regarding Solaris zones which will be normally asked for L2 level candidates in Solaris interviews. Now a days virtualization plays very important role in infrastructure market to reduce the data center space,power and utilizing hardware potentially. The virtualization goal is that utilizing the hardware without scarifying the application performance and reducing  the operational cost. We will see some of the interview questions and its answer here.Stay tuned.Q 1.What are …

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VCS Questions Answers

Veritas cluster interview questions

I feel this is very useful post for the UNIX admins who want to give Solaris interview. You can’t escape from veritas cluster part on the interview since it is widely used clustering software on mission critical Solaris servers.Please feel free to setup VCS cluster on your laptop and practice as much as possible before going to give a interview.The …

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Veritas cluster Interview Questions-2

Veritas cluster interview questions & answers part -2 will help you to overcome from L3  level VCS interview which will be asked frequently for SME position across many organizations. Here is the Top:30 VCS interview questions for you.  Please go through questions and answers. Let me know if you have any doubt by leaving comment. Adding and removing cluster node  Q-1 How to …

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