SolidFire – The Next-Gen Storage Systems

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Storage Industry haven’t changed much prior to the Hypervisor’s  revolution.  But in last few years, the industry is facing heavy competition from new vendor’s innovation ideas, Quality of the product , seamless support and cost. SolidFire  is one of the storage vendors who is re-writing the fundamental of SAN boxes. The traditional SAN arrays will consists spinning disks with various …

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Cloudstats.me – The Next-Gen Server Monitoring Platform

Cloudstats.me  is the Next-Gen server/website monitoring platform which suits for  Linux, windows servers and enterprise websites. I have been worked with several enterprise monitoring tools but Cloudstats stands out with it’s simplicity. You no need to spend thousands of dollors to  buy the monitoring software and hire the resources to setup the  monitoring services platform.  Also you no need to spend …

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Enterprise Infrastructure Monitoring Softwares

The enterprise monitoring system can be divided in to two parts.1.System monitoring 2.Application monitoring. System monitoring may cover anything external to the application like Operating systems,Memory,CPU,Switches,Routers and Networking and other infrastructure components. Application monitoring may covers availability of application and its performance. Monitoring system is only way to find the system failures and application failures across the organization. So we …

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Best Backup Softwares For VMWARE

Securing data is one of the biggest task in infrastructure management.If any thing goes wrong on the system,you need a good and latest backup to restore in timely manner.There are several  factors you need to consider before choosing the right backup software for you ESX environment. VMWARE backup is somewhat different from traditional backup methods.Here we have option to take complete virtual machine backup …

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UnixAdmin:Best SSH/TELNET Tools

Unix Admins would like to have one of the best ssh/telnet tools on their desktop.If we say best tools, what are the features it should have by default? Now a days there are many tools available in market which are coming with great features.These ssh tools should have session log saving feature and also it should support multiple protocols like …

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Storage virtualization brought many advanced features to SAN/NAS world.SAN/NAS appliance moved one step forward and made any system can be act as virtual SAN/NAS box.For an example using openfiler, you can provision LUNS and assign to any server using ISCIS protocol.The same way it can act like NAS filer as well.Here I have list down the SAN/NAS appliance which are …

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