CLOUD WAR – Openstack vs VMware vSphere vs Amazon AWS

Cloud War or Data-center war ? There is a healthy competition out in the market to reduce the overall operating cost on IT.  Companies are benefited with the cloud revolution, Virtualization and automation. Most of the organisations are moving towards asset free to reduce their additional investments on IT equipment. But all the organizations can’t just follow the same strategy since lot of things needs to be consider prior to choosing the right infrastructure. Here, we will see some of the modern computing model’s advantages and disadvantages.

This article is not going to discuss any of those technologies in depth but just give overview.


VMware vSphere:

VMware vSphere hypervisor can be found in almost 80% of datacenter around the world. VMware revolution happened within the short span of time. ESXi hypervisor revolution have changed the way of computing and it have reduced the datacenter cost with it’s robust virtualization technology. It’s most preferred method for hosting Windows and Linux VM on-premise datacenter.  Most suited product for datacenter virtualization.

VMware have reduced the significant amount of cost compare to late 2000’s IT operating cost. Due to cloud revolution and Open source maturity ,VMware might face tough competition in the market.

Cons: Product’s licensing cost & proprietary hardware.

Pros: Matured datacenter virtualization product.


Hyper-visor Market - UnixArena
Hyper-visor Market – UnixArena



Openstack is Open source software for creating private and public clouds. Since it have been backed by DXC(HP), IBM, Oracle and other big players in late 2014’s and everybody have predicted that it might provide the alternate solution to Amazon AWS. But it failed to match up with Amazon AWS. Openstack might not be able to compete with Public cloud giant but it’s going be tough competitor for private cloud products which are exists on the markets today (VMware, OVM, RHEV..etc).

Cons: Complexity and lack support.

Pros: Open source. Product is capable of delivering both private cloud and public cloud.

Openstack Contributions by companies
Openstack Contributions by companies



Amazon AWS /Microsoft Azure:

Amazon AWS/ Microsoft Azure are king in the public cloud offering. They have integrated many products and pay per use clicked very well. But still , but you need plan lot of the things to control the running cost. Unlike on-premise server, you can’t just leave a database or application which are unused for any other functional. If you leave , you might need to pay for the compute, storage and network cost to the cloud provider which might turn in to big numbers. If you choose the public cloud , you should be smart enough to control usage.

Cons: Data will be residing on off-premise.

Pros: Pay per use , No upfront fee’s , No need to invest on IT Hardware


Public Cloud Market share 2018
Public Cloud Market share 2018


This market going to be continuously changing and challenging to adopt the new way of computing. You must choose the right technology for right functions to save the cost , ensure the availability and create a trust on application  reliability.  Hope this article is informative to you.  Share it ! Comment it ! ! Be Sociable !!!